What is it?

The Bariatric Golf Test, “click to score”, is an application designed so that students can answer questions concerning a clinical case and reason their way through the case step-by-step on the basis of the clinical findings and supplementary medical test results presented as the case progresses. The idea is to simulate the role of physician and the patient-doctor interaction from initial presentation to final diagnosis and treatment. The application is based on a round of golf to motivate learning and foster participation by the student.

How does it work?

Each clinical case is represented as “playing a hole”. The student advances through a series of questions and answers by means of clicks (“strokes”) until the clinical case has finally been resolved. Each click is equivalent to a stroke in golf. If a wrong answer is clicked on, the student will have to continue looking for the correct answer, with each click adding another stroke to the score. “Par for the hole” is the number of clicks needed to resolve the case without making any mistakes, i.e., the number of questions posed. Each hole may be played only once. The application displays the student’s overall “scorecard” showing the number of strokes/clicks per hole, per module, and for the course as a whole (final score).